Adding jQuery, Bootstrap 4 and additional jQuery plugins to Laravel 5.5

It seems jQuery has been becoming less and less relevant in the front end world as Laravel 5.5 makes adding jQuery, Bootstrap 4 and it’s plugins a bit obscure with little to no documentation on how to compile them with Laravel Mix. The solution I found is the easiest way to maintain Bootstrap 4, jQuery and jQuery plugins on your Laravel 5.5 application. (more…)

Download "Ocean" theme for Prism.js syntax highlighting

Download “Ocean” theme syntax highlighting for Prism.js that you see being used on my site.

I use Boxy Theme plugin’s ocean theme for Sublime Text 3. Wanted to crete the same theme for Prism.js syntax highlighting. As you probably could tell, I used the same type of color scheme for my website. Ocean syntax highlighting matches quite nicely.

There’s a lot of Prism.js themes out already but I wanted to offer this download to you guys as one of my first posts to the new site. So why not put my new Prism.js theme to use? I’ve posted the entire scss file below using the Ocean theme. (more…)

So, I don't forget. Welcome.

I am starting this blog mostly so I don’t forget repeat problems I encounter during various projects. I hope these can help you as well.